About Cadiz Inc.


Cadiz Water Project - water pumpSince it was founded in 1983, Cadiz Inc. has grown from a small California landowner into a noteworthy renewable resources company that leads a number of sustainable initiatives on more than 45,000 acres in California’s Mojave Desert. Using early satellite imagery at NASA, the Company’s founders identified an extensive aquifer system below the earth in a largely uninhabited part of eastern California. Over several years, Cadiz acquired small sections of land and, through trades and exchanges with old railroad property and the federal government, significantly expanded its holdings. Ultimately, the Company grew into one of the largest contiguous private landowners in California’s eastern Mojave Desert. The company went on to initiate sustainable agriculture projects, green energy and land preservation initiatives, and the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery, and Storage Project, known as the Cadiz Water Project.

The company has focused the majority of its efforts on the Cadiz Water Project, which aims to avoid water waste and preserve as much as 2 million acre-feet of groundwater over its 50-year term. The project addresses water waste by working to prevent large quantities of groundwater from becoming highly-saline and evaporating when it migrates to dry lake playas in the area. To conserve this water, Cadiz and its public agency partners developed a long-term and comprehensive groundwater management program that will recover 50,000 acre-feet of water, less than 1% of the water in the system, from the basin each year for 50 years. The project will also enable participants to import and store surplus water in the groundwater basin for return when needed in future dry years. By launching the Water Project, Cadiz will provide a reliable water source to southern California, create jobs, and provide numerous additional water supply benefits.

Along with responsible stewardship of water resources, the company practices organic farming and seeks to use its resources for land preservation and green energy generation. The company’s sustainable projects are inspired by a Green Compact with the National Heritage Institute that emphasizes the importance of balancing resource management with land preservation efforts. For example, the Cadiz Water Project will preserve habitats and desert ecology by installing pipeline alongside an active railroad track instead of on undisturbed lands and utilize the pipeline to generate new hydro-electric power. To learn more, visit www.cadizinc.com.


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