Protecting the Desert

From the start, the Cadiz Water Project has been committed to environmental safety and sustainability. Independent experts, public agency decisions and 12 California court opinions have reviewed the science and concluded that the Cadiz Water Project is safe for the environment.


  • CEQA reviewed and approved
    More than 200 individuals and local, state and federal agencies participated in the environmental review process that approved the Cadiz Water Project. Learn more.


  • Best-practices groundwater management
    Groundwater that is currently being lost to evaporation will now be conserved and put to beneficial use across Southern California in accordance with a Court-approved groundwater management plan that will be enforced by San Bernardino County. Learn more.


  • Desert species protections
    While the Project will have no significant adverse impacts on desert wildlife, Cadiz Inc., the largest private landowner in the eastern Mojave Desert, has created a 7,500 acre desert tortoise conservation bank on properties it owns in a separate watershed in the desert in partnership with the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Habitat Conservancy. Cadiz is also planning a cultural center and research facility at the project site for the benefit of the local community. Learn more.
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