INNOVATIONS – Benefits for California Water, economy & the environment


Economic Advancement. $800 million total economic benefit from construction and $6B region wide benefit over project term, including $6 million/year in local tax revenue once Project is operational.


Thousands of Job Opportunities. 5,900 jobs created and supported in Phase I & II – 10% of jobs reserved for Veterans.


Water Conservation. Conserves 1.5 MAF of water over 50 yrs.


Enhanced Water Supply. Increases area’s long-term water supply reliability with a source not dependent on imports from Colorado River or Northern California.


High Quality Water. $400M water quality improvement in So Cal by adding Cadiz low TDS water to system. New C6 technology aids other groundwater basins with treatment needs.


Groundwater Storage for Colorado River System.  Enable 150,000 AF of in-lieu storage capacity in Phase 1; 850,000 AF of imported storage capacity in Phase 2, creates diversity and opportunity on drought-prone Colorado River system.


Environmental Protection. Avoids construction on any public, protected lands, created permanent protection for desert tortoise.


Repurposing Existing Infrastructure. Makes use of 226 miles of idle pipeline for conveyance of water.


Helping Disadvantaged Communities. Makes water available in drought for economically disadvantaged communities within Project Participant service areas.


Green Power. Pipeline generates green hydropower with in-pipe turbines along route. 


Desert Tortoise Preservation and Enhancement. Partnership with San Diego Zoo Global for creation of 7,400 acres for desert tortoise conservation bank in separate watershed. Desert tortoise rearing and protection is underway.

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