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Please stand up for our jobs, our water, and our future. Vote NO on AB 1000.


I am writing to urge you to OPPOSE Assembly Bill 1000 (Friedman), a power grab that changes the rules of the game to put environmental decisions in the hands of Sacramento politicians and political appointees, jeopardizing much needed jobs and water for Southern Californians.


AB 1000 aims to stop a critical project – the Cadiz Water Project – that has already been reviewed by multiple state and local agencies and been shown to have no negative environmental impacts. But, AB 1000 won’t only impact the Cadiz Water Project. If AB 1000 becomes law, it would make it more difficult for my local government to protect the environment and provide my family with services, like water and power, at reasonable costs.


The Cadiz Water Project will create and support more than 5,900 jobs, generate more than $878 million in economic activity in Southern California and create a new water supply that can serve up to 400,000 people a year. Jobs have been reserved for local unions and veterans. The safe, sustainable project has already been reviewed and approved in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the most aggressive environmental protection law in the nation. California’s Courts have also independently reviewed this Project and upheld its environmental protections.


Allowing Sacramento politicians and unelected appointees to overrule this process and force a ‘do-over’ sets a precedent that threatens our state’s legacy of environmental protection. Plus, it risks the good-paying union jobs this project will create and the thousands more jobs that future projects would bring. California is home to a reliable, strict environmental review process that ensures projects are sound and that needed infrastructure and utilities can be provided to our communities safely. AB 1000 would destroy that reliable process, harming those in need the most.


Please stand up for our jobs, our water, and our future. Please vote NO on AB 1000.




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