5/16/19 – Today, the California State Senate Committee on Appropriations passed Senate Bill 307 (Roth) as drafted by a 4-2 vote, removing it from the Suspense File without amendments. It will next be considered by the full Senate ahead of the body’s May 31 “house of origin” deadline.

Scott Slater, Cadiz Inc. President and CEO, issued the following statement regarding today’s vote:

“As presently drafted, Senate Bill 307 would require a new, broad state environmental permitting process for groundwater projects in inland Southern California that is designed to prevent the Cadiz Water Project from delivering a new, clean water supply to 400,000 people, supporting 6,000 jobs and generating $1 billion in economic opportunity in the region.

“If enacted as drafted, SB 307 will undermine the state’s existing environmental laws and frustrate the region’s development of reliable water supplies, setting a concerning precedent for all development projects in California, including housing, transportation, water, and energy infrastructure projects. That is why dozens of water providers, labor unions, business groups, municipalities and civic organizations have also opposed SB 307 since its introduction.

“The Company engaged in a constructive dialogue with the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee to express our concerns about the bill. We have supported amendments discussed in committee that would address scientific questions raised about natural mountain springs near the project area, but in a manner that all parties are confident is fair and consistent with existing law, such as SGMA and CEQA, and not simply an attempt to block a potential water supply for the people of California.

“We remain strongly opposed to SB 307 as drafted but will continue to pursue reasonable amendments that provide for a timely, fair and focused review as the measure proceeds toward consideration by the full Senate.”

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