What They Are Saying

Support for the Project and its numerous water supply and economic benefits stretches far and wide across government, business, academic and NGO sectors. Many local California residents and individuals concerned about California’s water challenges have also voiced their support. To join this growing group, visit our advocacy page at (www.water4socal.com/support/). To view some of the strong statements of support we’ve received, check out the lists below. New support is added regularly.




Hispanic 100: “We often take for granted that when we turn on the tap at home or at the office, water will be there. As a result, we may not always consider what water supply means to our way of life. But, economic opportunity, affordable housing, good jobs and a prosperous social network for our communities are all inextricably linked to a reliable water supply. That is why Hispanic 100 supports the Cadiz Water Project, a Southern California program that offers a new, affordable water supply for our region that can supplement our changing water needs over the long term. It is a public-private partnership that has been thoroughly reviewed and approved under California’s environmental regulations and is also privately-financed removing risk to local ratepayers. We encourage our state and local leaders to do all they can to ensure the Cadiz Water Project moves ahead to construction as soon as possible.” – Mario Rodriguez, Chairman


Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: “Our communities and local businesses depend on a reliable, affordable water supply, which is why the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce whole-heartedly supports the Cadiz Water Project. The Project will add a sustainable, new water supply for Southern California communities at a competitive cost. Already approved and regulated under California’s strict environmental laws advanced by its lead agency the Santa Margarita Water District in Orange County, with direct oversight by San Bernardino County, the Project can quickly improve the region’s water supply and storage opportunities. We are pleased to join the coalition in support of the Cadiz Water Project and urge our community partners to do all they can to get it online as soon as possible.” – Reuben Franco, President, CEO


Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce: “The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce fully supports the Cadiz Water Project because it represents responsible development that balances environmental protection with infrastructure planning and job creation. Southern California continues to face the harsh reality that our traditional water supplies will not be enough to meet the long-term demands of our prosperous population. This is complicated by frequent drought and climate change. The LA area and our entire region must remain a friendly and competitive place for business and families if we are to continue to thrive. A secure local water supply – made possible by the Cadiz Project and other approved strategies – is key to ensuring it can.” – Jessica Duboff, Vice President of Public Policy


California League of United Latin American Citizens:  “Increasing water supply for San Bernardino County through projects like the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project will help protect Hispanic communities from increased water costs as the state continues to grapple with drought for the foreseeable future. We agree with the 73% of voters surveyed in San Bernardino County who support water supply investments to offset future rate increases. The Cadiz Project will also reserve jobs for veterans, one of the most disadvantaged groups in the local Hispanic communities.” – Dave Rodriguez, State Director


Southern California District Council of Laborers: “Sustainable, well-planned infrastructure projects like the Cadiz Water Project that can provide a clean and safe water supply to San Bernardino County families will also bring new, good paying union jobs to the region and help keep rates low. That’s why we and so many of our brothers and sisters across San Bernardino County support the Cadiz Water Project.” – Jon Preciado, Business Manager


California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce: “This new survey demonstrates that San Bernardino County voters have the right priorities: supporting local control of water and creating new sources of water to ensure families, many of which are Hispanic, are protected from future increased water costs. Hispanic communities are most often the ones that suffer the most when elitist NIMBYs block smart projects like increased affordable housing and water supply.” – Julian Canete,  President


Building Industry Association Baldy View Chapter: “California is faced with a severe housing shortage and home builders face multiple obstacles in their efforts to remedy this crisis. One of the biggest hurdles is in guaranteeing enough potable water to support the demands of new housing. Projects like those favored by the respondents of our recent survey are viable and achievable solutions to providing the water needed to help overcome the current housing shortage in San Bernardino County and the Golden State.” – Carlos Rodriguez, President


San Bernardino County Farm Bureau: “Cadiz Inc. has been a member of the San Bernardino agricultural community for decades, using best agricultural practices and safely managing its groundwater resources. Implementation of the Cadiz Water Project will improve the management of the basin and also enable new groundwater banking opportunities…Such new opportunities are critical to a sustainable water supply in San Bernardino and statewide.”
– Chuck Hills, President  (view letter)


San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership: “A reliable water supply is vital for a healthy economy. The Partnership supports the Cadiz Valley Water, Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project, which upon completion could provide up to 15,000 acre-feet of water annually to the San Gabriel Valley” – Jeff Allred, President & CEO (view letter)


Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce: “The Cadiz Water Project has been reviewed and approved under CEQA and been found to be safe and sustainable by numerous independent experts, public agencies and the Superior Court. Today, the Project is nearly shovel ready and could make available a sustainable and environmentally benign water source, while also providing economic benefits. We urge you to support the Project.” – Donna Duperron, President & CEO (view letter)


Los Angeles County Business Federation (Biz-Fed): “The Cadiz Project is an innovative, sustainable water source for Southern California that will greatly benefit our economy and communities. In order to remain one of the world’s leading economies, we must maintain a reliable water supply and we are proud to lend our support to this extremely beneficial project.”– Tracy Rafter, CEO  (view letter)


Southern California District Council of Laborers, LIUNA: “The Cadiz Project is a new, innovative water supply that can also make a significant contribution to the local job market and economy. We encourage elected officials throughout Southern California to do all they can to support this important project, so that we can put our community to work as soon as possible and our region can enjoy greater water supply reliability without further delay.”
– Armando “Mando” Esparza, Business Manager (view letter)


Construction Industry Coalition on Water Quality: “The Board of Directors of CICWQ has endorsed the completion of the Cadiz Water Project. In drought and non-drought years alike, such an abundant new source of high quality water will provide additional security to Southern California residents and businesses, with no significant environmental impact, as verified by the recent dismissal of CEQA litigation against the project. From a water quality perspective, the Cadiz water’s low TDS will help to reduce salt content in the Colorado River Aqueduct, which ….would provide benefits valued at $240 million over the life of the Project.”
 Michael W. Lewis, Senior Vice-President (view letters)


Inland Empire Economic Partnership: ““It is imperative that the region take a long-term view and move forward with local projects that can improve the certainty that sufficient water will be available when and where it is needed… In addition, the Cadiz Project has made a commitment to local vendors and workers, a pledge that will have far reaching direct benefits within San Bernardino County.”
– Paul Granillo, CEO, Inland Empire Economic Partnership  (view letter)





Congressman Tony Cardenas (D-CA): “Access to new water supplies is extremely critical to the continued vitality of our cities and agricultural communities… I urge your prompt and fair consideration of the Cadiz Project.” (view letter)


Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (D-CA): “The Cadiz Project is an ambitious solution to California’s drought and it has already passed California’s rigorous environmental reviews to ensure that is does not harm our fragile deserts.” (view letter)


Supervisor Lisa Bartlett (OC- 5th District): “After extensive review and outreach, I am pleased to lear that MWD and Cadiz Inc. are working collaboratively to ensure conformity to necessary water quality and operational standards. While ensuring reliable and safe drinking water, I encourage the Board and staff to do everything they can within MWD’s administrative procedures to expedite the delivery of Cadiz water to Southern California.” (view letter)


Congressman Paul Cook: “I believe the Project to be sustainable in terms of water recharge rates and in avoiding adverse effects on top soil. With the [recent] court approvals in mind and so many jobs at stake, I believe further investigation into environmental impacts [at the federal level] to be unnecessary.” (view letter)


Mayor Aquanetta Warren, City of Fontana: “The Cadiz Project would bring exactly the kind of quality green jobs we need in our area, and support Fontana’s local manufacturers…The Cadiz Project offers a new opportunity to help the local economy bounce back.”





Dr. John Husing, PhD, Economist: “The construction phase of the Cadiz Valley Water Project would create a cumulative total of nearly 6,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs over the four years of effort, to tap into San Bernardino County’s extensive labor supply, where the high desert unemployment was 16.4% in March 2011. It would also support local manufacturers of materials used in construction of wells, pipelines, and power generation, with a net local four year economic impact of $878 million.”


Dr. Charles Groat ,, former director of the U.S. Geological Survey, Professor of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin: “I find the project to be viable and capable of being implemented and administered without deleterious effects on the environment. The monitoring plan will ensure that any unanticipated effects are detected and dealt with.”

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